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Time to Get Heaters Ready for Fall and Winter

Is Your Heating System Ready for the Temperature Drop?

The fall is here, and with the steady drop in temperatures over the upcoming weeks, most homeowners should already be dusting off their sweaters and preparing for the more consistent use of their heaters. But after months of hiatus, are those heating systems ready to take on the upcoming cold? Here are some important tasks homeowners can do to make sure their heaters are prepared to work well and efficiently when needed most. 

Preventive Heater Maintenance

The first order of business to get the heater ready for heavy use is always to schedule heating maintenance. After months of being unused, heaters need to get a fall tune-up to ensure everything is in good working order and working efficiently to take on the fall and winter seasons. 

Professional HVAC technicians should perform annual heater maintenance, making sure to check that all parts are working correctly, worn down or broken pieces are replaced and that essential tasks like lubricating the moving parts are done to prevent problems, help the heater last longer, improve efficiency, and save money on heating costs.  

Change Out Air Filters

air filterOne of the most important tasks homeowners need to do to keep their heating system running well and efficiently is regularly replacing the air filters. Air and furnace filters have the crucial role of removing contaminants indoors, improving the air quality, and protecting the heating system. However, dirty air filters that haven’t been replaced can have many negative effects on air quality and the heater’s function.  

Changing the air filter at least once every three months is generally recommended, but this can be different for different types and sizes of filters. Regular air filter replacement not only cleans the air but also makes the heating system more energy-efficient, lowers energy bills, and makes the heater better capable of heating a space effectively.

Keep an Eye on Your Energy Usage

smart thermostatMonitoring a home’s energy usage is a great way of keeping track of the HVAC system’s performance. Typically, a heating system that is working efficiently and has no issues will not use up too much energy. However, an inefficient heater will drive up the energy bill and is an indicator that the heating system either needs maintenance, is too old, or that something is not working correctly and needs heating repair. 

To further lower heating costs, if the heater has already had routine maintenance and doesn’t need repair or replacement, there are more things homeowners can do. Homeowners can benefit from installing a smart thermostat at home to monitor energy use and figure out areas where they can save. Another way to reduce heating costs while preventing heat and energy loss is to install weatherstripping. Weatherstripping seals the edges and cracks around windows and doors to prevent treated air from escaping the home, helping the heater work more efficiently and reducing energy use and costs.

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