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There will come a time in the lifespan of your home where you will need to have your whole house repiped. Common reasons for this include remodeling your home, remedying a slab leak or poor water pressure, or replacing old piping. If you’re in need of this service, you want to contact a licensed professional in St. George like Walker Plumbing, Heating & Air.

Our expertly trained technicians can complete the job in a fast and efficient manner so that you don’t have to deal with frustrating repairs.

Avoid serious water damage with our reliable water leak detection service.

When is Repiping Necessary?

Repiping is not a simple job when undertaken by someone who is not trained in repiping services. However, you want to be sure you can identify when you need to call a professional. Bad pipes can cause a multitude of problems in your home. Here are some signs you need should call us:

  • Old home: If you live in a home that is 50 years or older and the pipes have not been replaced, you may have to have the pipes replaced soon. On top of the chance that the pipes are corroded, you may have galvanized pipe which are especially prone to corrosion.
  • Low water pressure: Low water pressure could be a sign of rusted pipes or mineral build-up. This usually takes a long time to accumulate and become noticeable.
  • Reddish or brownish water: This is a good indication that your pipes have rusted on the inside.
  • Multiple pipe leaks: if you’ve had to frequently repair your pipes, it could be due to poor quality materials.

Benefits of PEX Piping

Over time, plumbing professionals have used many different materials for home pipes. PEX piping has quickly become the standard pipe for home plumbing due to its many benefits. At Walker Plumbing, Heating & Air, we only use high quality materials because we understand how important it is to have your plumbing last. Here are some benefits of PEX pipes:

  • Flexibility
  • Resistant to scale and chlorine build-up
  • Won’t corrode or develop pinholes
  • Easy to install

Burst pipes can lead to disaster. We provide fast burst pipe repair.

Why Work With Our Professionals

Repiping a house is not an easy job. You want to be sure this job is completed correctly to prevent complications that stem from faulty or poor installation. On top of that, other companies may not use high-quality materials in order to cut corners which could lead to expensive repairs down the line.

When you work with Walker Plumber, Heating & Air, you get excellent customer service and a focus on quality materials and installation. We go to any lengths possible to make sure the job is completed in an accurate way that will bring you long-lasting results. We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we are sure you’re going to love our services!

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