Air Cleaners and Filtration Services in St. George

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Benefits of Installing an Air Cleaner

You and your family members shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in your home, or have your property’s indoor air quality impact your health. Instead, install an air cleaner. These systems can provide the following benefits:

  • Lessen allergens from the air, allowing members of the household to have less allergy symptoms.
  • Improve the air quality for people with asthma, resulting in less symptoms at home.
  • Lower the humidity level in the house.
  • Remove odors from the home to allow for a cleaner smelling property.
  • Reduce cigarette smoke from the inside of your house.
  • Get rid of airborne bacteria and germs that can cause colds and flu.

The Reme Halo Air Purifier: A Whole House Air Purifier

The Reme Halo Whole Home Air Purifier uses advanced technology to help you achieve optimal indoor air quality without the use of an air filter. Instead, hydrogen peroxide is released and distributed into each room of your home, ridding and reducing the harmful airborne particles that impact your loved ones’ health and comfort. The Reme Halo is installed inside your home’s air ducts, and works to clean not only the air, but your home’s surfaces, such as hard floors, carpets, windowsills, and furniture as the hydrogen peroxide settles alongside bacteria, mold spores, and virus particles.

Types of Air Cleaners

When it comes to selecting an air cleaner there are many options. Some of the most common systems include:

  • Whole-house systems: These provide consistent air quality control.
  • Portable air purifier products: These units are less expensive than whole-house systems but they are not as powerful.
  • Ozone generators: These systems clean your air while producing oxidation properties that safely control air pollutants.

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What Maintenance to Perform on Air Cleaners

In order to keep your air cleaner effectively removing debris and pollutants from your indoor air, it’s important to keep it well maintained. Some routine tasks to perform include:

  • Vacuum the units regularly -- especially the exterior panels and grills -- to remove dust.
  • Change HEPA filters every 3-6 months.
  • Have the unit professionally serviced at least once a year to have the technician ensure it’s performing as expected and look for any minor issues that need to be repaired.
  • Change the bulbs in UV air purifiers as needed.

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