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Kick Off the New Year in Comfort With a New Water Heater

Reasons to Install a New Water Heater

With plenty of winter weather left to endure before spring, everyone is pulling out all of the stops to stay warm during the winter. A great way to heat cold bones is a hot bath or shower provided by the water heater in the home. How treacherous could it be if the water heater failed during the time of year when it is most appreciated?

Installing a new water heater may be the best bet to avoid being left without hot water during the winter if a water heater is over ten years old or needs frequent repairs. Not only will a new water heater provide hot water reliably, but it will also provide many other benefits to justify the installation cost. Here are the benefits of installing a new water heater in 2023. 

Better Efficiency Means Reduced Cost

Water heaters lose efficiency as they age, increasing water heating costs. Having an efficient water heater is important because it requires less energy to heat water than an inefficient one. Installing a new water heater will improve efficiency and save homeowners money on utility bills. 

To maintain good efficiency and low water heating costs, it is vital to get maintenance from a professional plumber annually. This will also extend the life of the water heater and prevent damage by catching issues early. 

Faster Hot Water Recovery Rate

waterAs soon as hot water is used in the home, cold water rushes into the water heater to replace the hot water. Immediately the burners kick on to start heating the rapidly cooling water. The measure of how well the water heater can keep up with the influx of cold water is called the “recovery rate.”

Newer water heaters tend to have better hot water recovery rates, meaning nobody will get stuck taking a cold shower. It is of the features that homeowners should look for when purchasing a new water heater to ensure it meets their household's hot water needs. 

Save Space With Tankless Water Heaters

heaterIf it’s time to upgrade the water heater, then there is no better time than now to explore new options. Technological developments have provided a style of water heater that is more efficient than its conventional counterpart and provides an endless supply of hot water. Tankless water heaters heat water rapidly on demand, meaning they don’t waste energy keeping a tank full of water warm. This also means they don’t have bulky tanks that occupy a ton of space. 

Tankless water heaters can be mounted on the wall to save even more space where an old water heater would’ve sat, like in garages or basements. This frees up space for more storage. While tankless water heaters may cost more to install upfront, they pay for themselves over time with energy savings and a longer lifespan. To save space while sticking with a conventional storage-tank water heater, homeowners can install a smaller tank water heater with a faster recovery rate. 

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