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All Homeowners Need To Know About Mini-Split Cooling

Do Ductless Mini-Split Systems Work All Summer Long?

Whether it’s time for a new air conditioner or not, there is a cooling system on the market that homeowners need to know about. Until now, central cooling has been the primary cooling system for homes across America. However, ductless mini-split systems make their way into homes and prove to have some amazing benefits for homeowners. One of the great benefits homeowners can experience this Independence Day is the convenience of a cool home, no matter how many guests are at the house. 

The 4th of July parties tend to make indoor temperatures rise because people walk in and out all day long. The constant traffic flow makes it hard for central cooling systems to keep up. Homeowners with ductless mini-splits don’t seem to have this issue! Continue reading to learn more about this type of cooling system. 

What Is It Anyway? How Does It Work?

A ductless mini-split system is a cooling system with an indoor and outdoor unit, much like a central cooling system, only without all the ductwork. It isn’t a new invention but a cooling system that has recently become more popular in modern households. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • There are indoor unit heads in each room of the home. These unit heads pull in the warm air from the room.
  • That air is then transported to the condenser unit outside. 
  • The condenser unit works much like a central cooling system condenser unit
  • The warm air runs through the system where it is cooled. 
  • The cool air is then sent back into the unit heads inside the home to cool the individual rooms. 

Is It Better Than Central Cooling? ac

It’s difficult to say which system is better, but ductless mini-split systems are more efficient than central cooling systems. For one, the mini-split doesn’t require the long and extensive ductwork that the central cooling system does. This also means that installation and upkeep are a lot easier than central cooling systems because homeowners don’t have to worry about ductwork causing air quality and breakdown issues. 

Secondly, the ductless mini-split cools each room down individually. Some rooms are harder to cool down than others, especially in large homes with many rooms. This is where ductless mini-split excel the most because they can cool down the warmer rooms without overworking the system to cool down the entire home in the process. 

How Does It Help Indoor Air Quality?air quality

As mentioned above, ductless mini-splits tend to help with indoor air quality specifically because there isn’t any ductwork that gets dirty and causes the air quality to suffer. The mini-split system has a filter in each unit head in each room. All the homeowner needs to do is routinely replace those filters to ensure that the air quality is clean and free of debris. 

Dirty ductwork can also cause central cooling systems to overwork, which leads to the unit giving out before its life expectancy. In contrast, a ductless mini-split doesn’t have to worry about being overworked due to dirty ductwork because there isn’t any ductwork involved in the first place. 

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