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Don't Allow a Broken Dishwasher To Keep You From Summer Cookout Fun!

A Broken Dishwasher Can Take You Away From the Backyard Party

It’s never fun to have an appliance break down or start malfunctioning. It’s even worse when it’s a major appliance that sees near-daily use, like the dishwasher. And there’s no worse time for problems to arise than in the middle of a dinner party or summer barbeque - no one wants to get stuck washing all the dishes by hand while the party continues without them.

Fortunately, most serious dishwasher issues are preceded by warning signs. And even the ones that come out of left field can usually be resolved fairly quickly - or prevented altogether. Read on to discover what problems may arise, what to do about them, and how to help protect against them.

Most Common Dishwasher Issuesdishwasher

While older dishwashers (8-12 years old) are more prone to problems, issues can also arise in newer models if they’re not properly maintained or operated. Some of the most common issues include unpleasant odors, hard water stains, and the dishwasher not draining or draining slowly. These can result from a clog in the garbage disposal or inadequate cleaning of the filter, drain grate, and sprayer arm.

Other issues include water leaking from the door, the dry cycle not getting hot enough, and loud, unusual noises when the dishwasher is running, all of which are typically more serious issues that may require the expertise of a professional to resolve.

Plumbers To the Rescue!plumber

Most people reach for the number of an appliance repair service when their dishwasher starts acting up. But licensed plumbers are well-versed in the ways of dishwashers as well. They can investigate the problem to determine whether the root cause is in the surrounding plumbing or the dishwasher itself, then perform the necessary repairs, including: 
  • Unclogging the kitchen drain pipe
  • Replacing a gasket, heating element, or pump
  • Tightening a drain hose coupling

And since dishwasher problems can happen at any time, the best plumbing company is one that’s available around the clock.

Basic Dishwasher Maintenance

The best way to prevent dishwasher problems is with proper operation, simple cleaning, and maintenance. Scraping and pre-rinsing dishes before loading them will help prevent clogs. Loading the dishes efficiently so that they’re not nesting or obstructing the sprayer arm will ensure that they get properly cleaned.

Clearing the drain grate and filter of any food particles is imperative for avoiding clogs, as these particles will eventually break down into a sludgy substance that can easily gum up the drain. This should be done every 1-2 weeks, if possible. In addition, using a toothpick to remove any debris from the jet holes on the sprayer arm will ensure that it spins and sprays correctly.

Wiping down the door and door gasket with a damp cloth and a little dish soap will help prevent leaks. Removing the racks and doing the same to the inner walls will keep away mildew and mold growth. For specific instructions on more in-depth maintenance tasks, homeowners can consult their dishwasher’s owner’s manual.

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