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This Holiday Season, Give Thanks To Your Local Plumbers!

Homeowners Can Be Grateful for These 3 Essential Services Plumbers Provide

This holiday season, as people all over the U.S. take time to slow down and focus on all the things they’re thankful for, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be left out - plumbers. Indoor plumbing, in general, is already something to be grateful for, but it wouldn’t be the same without professional plumbers.

Sure, some plumbing problems can be fixed using DIY solutions, but they’re not always worth the time and effort (not to mention the headache) it takes to get the job done. On the other hand, professional plumbers can make short work of most issues while the homeowner relaxes with a cup of coffee. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value plumbers provide - read on to learn about a few vital services only a certified plumber can offer!

Repairing Toilet Clogstoilet

Virtually everyone has had to contend with a clogged toilet at some point, and everyone would agree that it’s not very much fun. And while rolling up the sleeves and getting to work with the plunger might do the trick in some cases, sometimes it doesn’t seem to make a lick of difference. Other times, it may even harm the plumbing or make the clog worse. Strange as it sounds, clogged toilet repair is often a more complicated job than most people think.

A professional plumber can determine the root cause of the clog and choose the right solution - one that won’t make matters worse. They can also determine whether the clog is a symptom of a deeper issue such as a toilet malfunction, damaged sewer line, or septic system issue. With that in mind, they can ensure that the solution works for the long term, rather than merely providing a temporary fix. 

water heater Servicing & Installing Water Heaters

Another area where plumbers prove to be indispensable is the water heater. Water heaters require regular maintenance to continue running smoothly, and while some basic tasks can be performed by the homeowners, only a certified pro can tackle certain in-depth tasks. This is especially true of gas water heaters - working with gas components can be extremely dangerous.

Along these lines, if the unit starts acting up, only an expert should attempt water heater repairs, not just for safety’s sake but also to avoid further damage to the unit itself. Likewise, water heater installation should only be performed by a pro who knows what they’re doing. If the water heater is incorrectly sized for the home or poorly installed, the unit will be less efficient, experience more issues, and wear out faster. 

Repairing & Maintaining Sewer Lines

Water heaters aren’t the only aspect of a home’s plumbing system that are best taken care of by professionals. The home’s underground sewer line (officially known as a sewer lateral) carries wastewater from the home’s drainage system to the municipal sewer main. Plumbing contractors provide a range of sewer line services, most of which the typical homeowner lacks the equipment and expertise to perform themselves.

For instance, if tree roots have broken through the pipe and formed an obstruction, a plumber can use a special “rooter” machine with a long cable and cutter attachment to clear them. In cases where the pipe has been ruptured by roots or other forces such as shifting soil, they may be able to seal the pipe without digging it up. In some cases, however, they may need to excavate it and replace the pipe - not exactly a DIY project. 

Aside from sewer line repairs and replacement, plumbers can also perform routine sewer line cleaning using a special hydro-jetting machine to remove buildup that can result in clogs (grease is a common cause of sewer line clogs).

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