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Is There a Right Way To Cure a Blocked Drain?

The Best and Worst Ways To Clean a Blocked Drain

Clogged or blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners experience. They experience them so often in fact that professionals can’t even effectively tally how often because most of the time, homeowners can eradicate the problem themselves with plunging. However, there comes a time when the system is too backed up, and a plunger will no longer suffice. In the past, homeowners have turned to liquid drain cleaners to solve this problem, but professionals want to caution homeowners against doing this. Liquid drain cleaners might be a quick and easy fix, but they aren’t worth it in the long run. 

Continue reading below to learn all about the disadvantages of liquid drain cleaners, as well as the two professional-approved ways to cure a blocked drain. 

Snaking: The Quick Fixsnaking

A snake, sometimes called a toilet jack, is one of the oldest and most effective drain clearing techniques still used today. It’s a relatively simple process but requires the toilet to be removed from the floor. The toilet will then need a new o-ring to replace the toilet after the clog has been cleared, but other than that, it is one of the least expensive ways to clear a clogged toilet when a plunger won’t do the trick. 

After the toilet has been removed, the toilet snake is placed near the hole. It has an arm that extends up to 25 feet. Extending the snake this far might take a while, but if the clog is far within the system, it proves to be one of the most effective ways to clear the clog. 

Once the snake reaches the clog, the person operating the snake will twist it to try and grab ahold of the clog. Then they will retract the snake back to pull the clog out of the piping. 

Hyrdo-Jetting: Easy, Effective, Affordablehydrojetting

If snaking doesn’t work or the clog is unreachable via a toilet or sink drain, hydro-jetting is the next best option for homeowners. Hydro-jetting is a little more expensive than snaking but is far more effective at cleaning the entire plumbing system. In the grand scheme of things, the price it costs to clean the whole system and ensure it stays clog-free for months on end is well worth it. 

In fact, homeowners that regularly maintain their plumbing system should only have to invest in hydro-jetting once a year. Homes that are prone to flooding and lots of rainfall may need to have the service performed more often, but the professional will give the homeowner the best advice for their home where this is concerned. 

Hydro-jetting is effective because it shoots water into the plumbing system at a high velocity that is strong enough to remove all debris from the system. After one hydro-jetting service, most systems look spotless when inspected with a plumbing camera. This is the service professionals recommend most. 

Liquid Drain Cleaners: Ditch Them, Now!

Liquid drain cleaners are the arch-nemesis of indoor plumbing. Tv commercials and retail stores may advertise that this is a safe and convenient method for homeowners to remove clogs from their plumbing system without the help of a professional, but that simply is not the case. 

When drain cleaners come in contact with the plumbing system, there is a chemical reaction that occurs. This chemical reaction is what the liquid drain cleaning companies claim will clean the pipes, but it does more than that. The reaction gets so hot that it can eat through the piping altogether. 

Some disadvantages of liquid drain cleaners are: 

  • Cause premature wear and tear of piping system
  • Frequent plumbing issues
  • Burst pipes
  • Increased water bill from leaking pipes

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