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The Holiday Season Is No Time for a Plumbing Emergency

Holidays Require Efficient Plumbing

The holidays are a time for family, relaxation, and lots and lots of food. Nowhere in that sentence was there a mention of plumbing emergencies (and with good reason). The last thing homeowners want to deal with during the holidays is a plumbing emergency. They are risky and dangerous to the safety of those in the household, which poses an immediate threat to any holiday festivities homeowners may have planned. There are a few ways homeowners can combat this, though. However, they will only help if they are done well before the holidays arrive. In other words, there is no time like the present for homeowners to ensure their plumbing is working efficiently and can handle the added workload of the holiday season. 

To learn more about the best ways to prevent plumbing emergencies this year, continue reading below. 

Signs of a Burst Pipe and When To Call a Professional


For those that aren’t home a lot, it can be difficult to know when there is a burst pipe until it starts to become out of hand. Burst pipes that are left without repair could end up flooding the inside of the home. And of course, like anything else, the sooner a homeowner finds the problem and fixes it, the cheaper the repair costs. 

Below are some common signs of a burst pipe so homeowners can potentially catch the problem sooner: 

  • Inconsistent water pressure
  • Water is discolored
  • Water smells weird
  • They can hear running water when no water is running
  • Puddles are forming under the sinks
  • The pipes begin making noise
  • The water bill increases a noticeable amount

An Efficient Water Heater Is Necessary 

Another thing to keep in mind is the state of the home’s water heater. Holiday dinner simply can’t go on without an efficiently working water heater. Not only that, but the holidays are the time of year when the plumbing system gets tested the hardest. That’s why it’s essential for the homeowner to keep up on maintenance, including their water heater maintenance

Some common signs a water heater needs repair include: 

  • There is rust on the outside of the unit
  • The water is discolored
  • The water has an unusual smell
  • The water heater makes noise
  • It doesn’t work consistently

Perhaps one of the most common signs is that the home doesn’t have any hot water. Either that or the hot water doesn’t last very long. Even if the homeowner feels their water heater doesn’t need repairs, it’s crucial to have it properly maintained before the stress of the holiday season. It’s the best way to help prevent breakdowns during any important dinners!

It’s Important To Remove Clogs Before the Holidays

If the homeowner hasn’t had their plumbing system cleaned out in a while, it is recommended they have it done before the holiday season arrives. This is because of clogging and potential clogging. Piping systems are very narrow, so it is easy for a clog to form from one piece of debris that gets caught in the system. 


During the holidays, families tend to use their plumbing systems more often than at other times of the year. If the system is cleaned out before the holidays, the homeowner can have the peace of mind knowing their system most likely won’t suffer from any significant clogging issues. 

For those that think they might be experiencing a clog within their plumbing system, here are the common signs of a clog:

  • The toilet or other drains in the house start gurgling
  • Water drains slower than usual
  • The toilet has trouble or doesn’t flush
  • Water leaks from the toilet
  • The drains smell bad

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