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Tips for Saving Money on Heating Costs During The Chilly Months

Change Your Heating Habits To Save Money

Everyone knows that the winter months can cause an increase in your heating bills. Energy costs spike as you attempt to keep the cold air from your living spaces. Not only is the utility bill higher, but there are also more chances for breakdowns and expensive repair costs.

What a lot of homeowners do not know is there are some good habits you can get into that will help keep your energy bills low. Knowing a few simple tips will also decrease the likelihood of repairs and breakdowns, plus they can extend the life of your system altogether. Luckily, the heating specialists in Washington, UT have outlined three money-saving habits you should adopt this winter to keep your energy bills low.

Upgrade Your Home to Avoid Escaping Air

air tightHomeowners are typically shocked by the amount of money they lose just by having a drafty window. If you add up drafty windows, doors, roof leaks and other ways your heat is escaping, it can add up to a substantial amount of money. This brings up the question, what is caulking?

With that being said, there are ways you can combat this issue. Calking around windows and skylights to make sure there are no drafts, insulating walls, and repairing holes in your roof and make quite a difference. If you live in an older home, you can also consider installing plastic on the windows and using sweep gaskets on doors.

Another sometimes overlooked task that can make a big difference is to remember to install your storm windows and doors. Make sure they are installed correctly and have enough fasteners to keep them airtight. Beyond that, simple rules like closing off rooms that are not used a lot or not leaving vents open can also help.

Keep Up With Heating Maintenance

Keeping your heating system is equally as important as having an airtight space for it to heat. Generally, the system should be cleaned by a professional during annual maintenance and inspections. The reason for this is not only to keep your air quality at a good level but to keep the system working properly.

When the motor or vent system is dirty or clogged with debris, your heating unit will have to work harder to circulate the warm air through the house, add to this that you need clean air at home. As the system is working overtime, it will consume more energy, therefore, raising your heating costs.

heating important

Although you should always have annual maintenance performed on your heating system, there are some things you can do yourself. For example, keep the area around your heater clear so no accidents happen. Also, make sure you are reporting any signs of trouble as soon as they appear. Overall, costly repairs can also add to increased heating costs.

Complete Repairs As Needed

old hvacAn important aspect of your heating system you want to keep in mind is the overall age of the unit. Although you may not need an entirely new system installed, older heating parts should be replaced once they hit their top lifespan. This is true for motor parts, expansion tanks, and vents.

The reason for this is the same as keeping your HVAC clean. When areas of the heating system are not working properly, the entire system will have to increase its workload and consume more energy.

This can raise your energy costs dramatically, and potentially cause untimely breakdowns and serious repairs. As also mentioned above, the best way to combat this issue is to have annual maintenance performed on your HVAC system.

Walker Plumbing, Heating & Air

Following these few simple rules will get you in the habit of saving money on your heating costs each year. Walker Plumbing Heating & Air is a trusted member of the community, and they provide heating repairs in Washington, UT whenever needed. With quality workmanship, they guarantee excellent results each time.