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This Valentine's Day, Get to Know Your Boiler Better

Homeowners Should Know These Three Boiler Facts 

This Valentine’s Day, homeowners can show their boiler love by getting to know their system a little better. The boiler is an essential piece of home hardware for many and is necessary for the comforts of modern life. These three little-known facts about boilers may change the way homeowners see their boiler system. 

Knowing how the boiler works can help homeowners make sound decisions regarding boiler installation and repairs. It is also essential to see how the boiler works to maintain a boiler maintenance schedule. Proper maintenance and care are crucial in preventing unnecessary boiler repairs. 

Not All Boilers Boil Water

water heater When most people hear the word boiler, their first thought is that it boils water. Despite what the name might imply, not all boilers burn water. Many boilers use something called a heat exchanger to increase the temperature of the air before distributing it throughout the house via the pipes. 

Heat exchange systems work by using a chemical reaction to produce heat. The heat from the hot gases inside the metal heat exchanger is then transferred into water or air. Some high-efficiency heating systems have two heat exchangers to maximize energy savings. 

A damaged or cracked heat exchanger can be dangerous to human health. Flue gas turns into carbon monoxide when released into the home, causing the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. Scheduling regular boiler service and inspections help to ensure safe boiler operation. 


eco friendly

Boilers Are an Eco-Friendly Heating Option 

Compared to other heating systems, boilers rank pretty high in energy efficiency. They use less energy because they repeatedly recycle the same water. Boiler installation or boiler replacement can help cut down on utility bills and decrease the environmental impact of heating the home. 

Boilers release fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, making them a more eco-friendly heating option for homeowners to consider when choosing a new boiler. A qualified heating technician can assist homeowners trying to figure out which heating system would work the best for their house. 

The Water Pressure Has an Impact on the Boiler’s Efficiency 

Some homeowners are unaware of water pressure's impact on the boiler's efficiency. Most boilers have a gauge somewhere visible that displays the water pressure. Even when the boiler seems to be working perfectly fine, it is recommended for homeowners to check the pressure gauge every so often. 

The pressure gauge will indicate whether the boiler is in a normal, high, or low-pressure range. Homeowners should adjust the pressure when it gets too high or too low to keep it in a normal range for maximum efficiency. When the boiler’s pressure falls too low, it will start failing to heat the water efficiently, causing a spike in utility bills. 

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