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The Women Who Have Shaped the HVAC Industry

Get To Know the Women Who Helped Shape the HVAC Industry

As female workers' US employment rate is 50.4% as of December 2020, only 1.4% of women work in the HVAC (this stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry.

In the early 20th century, women were not allowed to work outside of their homes or in fields that were homemakers. Until World War II, that is! In wartime, women had to take jobs elsewhere because it became necessary for the survival and care of their families. During this era, women started to see what they could do, pushing themselves to learn outside of the box, and trying new things to get by without a man in their house.

The Inventor of The Gas Furnace: Alice H. Parker

Before the central heating system, homes were being heated up by wood or coal, not the safest decision. Alice H. Parker was an African American inventor who went on to patent the very first central heating system using natural gas.

Back in the 1920s, gas was introduced as a heating source, and it was a revolutionary idea that conserved energy. Because of Parker, we have central heating systems in our homes today. Parker's design enabled cool air to draw into the furnace and allowed warm air through ducts to the individual rooms.

Margaret Ingels: The First Woman In The US to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering With Emphasis on Air Conditioning.

woman Margaret Ingels is an incredible woman in HVAC because she was the first woman in US history to earn a degree in mechanical engineering, with her studies emphasizing air conditioning. She is a significant source as her contributions have been dedicated to heating and cooling. Ingels’s most notable creation was a temperature scale for the home that ultimately measured what the temperature actually felt like. Homeowners most likely had or have this in their home right now.

The HVAC Industry for Women Today

Alice H. Parker and Margaret Ingels are just a couple of the women who hardly get their respectful credit in HVAC history. Their findings have made possible the ease and convenience of homeowners comforts, such as heating in the winter and cooling in the summer months.

With the 1.4% of female HVAC workers, these ladies are trailblazers, to say the least. In 2021, women face discriminatory challenges, pay disparity, and exclusionary practices in the HVAC industry, but they stay strong and take strides to break the male cast.hvac woman

The US has its modern-day incarnation of Rosie the Riveter, the females in engineering school, overcoming the struggles of being part of a male-dominated industry. One of the most significant challenges being a female in a dominating male field is the assumptions both clients and colleagues will make.

But this does not stop the strong, leading women of today’s age. The good news is that the women in HVAC are trying to break the stereotype that women aren't strong enough or smart enough. The centralized idea is to unite the women of this trade so that everyone can succeed and feel supported.

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