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The Benefits of Spring Drain Cleaning!

The Importance of Adding Drain Cleaning To the Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Unfortunately, some of the most important parts of any home are often overlooked when spring cleaning comes around. The drains are one of those essential parts. Like anything else, they need to be checked and cleaned regularly for the plumbing system to function correctly for years to come.

It’s too bad that drain cleaning isn’t usually anywhere on the spring cleaning checklist because clogged drains can happen at any time. The longer a homeowner goes without cleaning their drains, the more likely an expensive clog or backflow problem will occur. This is why drain cleaning is so important. 

The Power of Drain Cleaning

drain Clean drains make for a happy, healthy plumbing system. In bathrooms, hair is often the most likely culprit to cause a clog. But all kinds of residue, from toothpaste to hair gel to lotion, can contribute to a clog. In the kitchen, coffee grounds, grease, seeds, and plant matter can cause a clog, even in those sinks with garbage disposal. 

Even if these clogs aren’t completely stopping the water flow, they can cause the pipes to degrade over time. Many people will put up with a slow drain until the water completely stops, but this is a mistake. Luckily, drain cleaning once a year in spring can help keep the drains swift, clean, and clear. 

How Professionals Clean Drains

Many homeowners turn to chemical drain cleaning options when they experience a clogged or slow drain. While these options may work in the short term, they have many drawbacks. For one, these chemicals are harmful to the environment. Plus, when used repeatedly, they can cause the drain pipes to degrade. The caustic chemicals can start to eat away at the pipe, not just the clog. 

drain cleaningThis is why professionals don’t use chemicals. Instead, they use a variety of powerful and safe drain cleaning tactics. One popular option is hydro-jetting, which uses a high-pressure stream of water shot down the drain to clear the pipe. This is safe even for most old pipes, as it’s just water. A plumbers snake is sometimes used for clogged drains, as well. This is essentially a flexible metal tube connected to an auger that helps move the tube into the drain, clearing the clog. 

Keeping Drains Clean Between Pro Cleanings

It’s not hard to keep drains clean between professional cleanings. The thing to avoid is the chemical options at the local grocery store. There are far better options that are less caustic and won’t eat through the pipes when used too much. 

Boiling water down a slow drain can help clear minor clogs. For tougher ones, pouring vinegar and baking soda down the drain can cause fizzing bubbles, loosening these tougher clogs. Running hot water in the drain after the vinegar and baking soda mixture has had a few minutes to work can help things along. Otherwise, the best way to keep drains clean is installing drain screens and cleaning them out regularly. 

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