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Did Your Shower Stop Working? Take These Steps to Fix It

Fixing a Non-Working Shower for Good

Any plumbing malfunction is a nightmare for homeowners, and a shower that’s not working is one of the biggest plumbing nightmares. This is especially true when hosting guests for a few days or over the weekend. Everyone wants their guests to feel comfortable staying in their homes, but if they can’t even shower, it’s guaranteed to be one bad weekend.

Fortunately, homeowners can take steps to make sure that a malfunctioning shower never happens again, whether there are guests in the home or not! Before diving into the plumbing system itself, first, check that the water bill is up to date. If the bill is late or short, this could be the reason that the shower isn’t working. If the bill is paid and the shower still isn’t working, here are a few tips homeowners can try.

Understanding the Layout of the Bathroom Plumbing System

bathroom plumbingThere are so many moving parts and components in the bathroom plumbing system, but at the same time, everything is connected. These delicate connections are what make plumbing systems so challenging to navigate and understand.

It may not seem like the toilet, shower, and sink are all connected. From the surface, they all appear to be completely separate from one another. But once the walls and the floors are pulled back, it’s clear to see that they are connected.

The toilet, shower, and sink all have their own pipes and drains starting out. However, not too far down the line, those pipes connect, and they keep on connecting with pipes in other rooms in the house. Eventually, all of the pipes in the house connect and lead to the main sewer line beneath the house.

A Clean Shower Is the Solution

Typically plumbing clogs are assumed to occur because something was washed or flushed down the drain that really shouldn’t have gone down the drain. Like too much hair clogging the shower drain or trying to flush cotton balls down the toilet. But if nothing gets washed down a showerhead, how can it get clogged?

clean a shower

The answer: mineral deposits. These deposits can build up over time and cause a series of problems for the showerhead. Mineral deposits can end up causing:

  1. A partial clog, which results in low water pressure
  2. A partial clog, which can cause water to spray in all directions
  3. A complete clog, which prevents water from coming out at all

Any of these reactions are a sign that you need to clean the shower in order to get it working again.

Put an End to Leaking Pipes

leaking pipesLeaking pipes are another plumbing nightmare, and they can be one of the biggest culprits of a malfunctioning shower. If the inner pipes of the shower start leaking, the water pressure can drop and cause the shower to stop working.

Since the pipes are not visible from just looking at the shower, this problem is harder for homeowners to identify. Therefore, the process of elimination can help determine if leaking pipes are the cause of a malfunctioning shower.

First, check the showerhead to see if it’s clogged. If the showerhead appears clean and free of mineral deposit buildup, then check that the flow valves (typically located under the sink) are in the open position and working properly. If neither of these checks identifies the source of the problem, a leaking pipe is likely the cause, and a professional plumber should be called to resolve the problem.

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