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Avoiding Scary Plumbing Emergencies

Don’t Get Haunted by Plumbing Emergencies

Scary plumbing emergencies can ruin the day. Having an unexpected situation in the home, especially one that involves water, can be expensive, frustrating, and involved. Avoiding those emergencies by knowing a few easy-to-apply tips can keep homeowners sane during this spooky season. To help, local plumbers have put together a list of three of the best ways that homeowners can avoid plumbing emergencies and why they are beneficial.

Keep the Gutters Clean

gutters clear

While people may not consider the home’s gutters part of the plumbing system, it can definitely impact it. When they get full of leaves and other debris, they will clog up. Clogged gutters can lead to a variety of home issues.

For instance, when it rains, the gutters route the excess water away from the roof (where it may cause leaks or roof damage). This protects not only the roof but also the siding, doors, foundation, and windows from water damage. It also helps to prevent flooding in the basement. If the gutters are clogged, that water will just sit on the roof and start to rot through the wood or rust metal components.

Obviously, this causes a much higher risk of damage to the home than just having the gutters cleaned regularly. And, considering how much of a pain a flooded basement can be, it’s both easier and cheaper.

Have the Pipes Insulated or Wrapped

Another way to help avoid scary plumbing emergencies is by having the water pipes insulated or wrapped. This is especially helpful for those long, cold Utah winters.


In the winter, one of the major plumbing related risks is having the pipes freeze. When they freeze, they also expand, which can cause the pipes to crack or even completely rupture. Obviously, that is not only a pain to deal with, but it can also become costly very quickly.

To avoid that, homeowners can have their pipes insulated or wrapped. Most home improvement stores sell them as kits, so homeowners who feel comfortable attempting that type of home project on their own can DIY. However, as in most cases, contacting a professional plumber and scheduling it with regular maintenance before the cold hits is a great idea.

Remember Routine Drain Cleaning 

Drain cleaning is one last way that homeowners can help prevent a scary plumbing emergency. Don’t wait until the drains get clogged and burst or back up into the house. Routine annual maintenance is essential, and it can definitely help with many different plumbing problems in addition to stopping drain clogs before they start. 

When a plumber performs an annual plumbing maintenance service, they are likely to perform regular drain cleaning. This can help keep the pipes clear and running smoothly. It significantly reduces the risk of drain-related problems, especially when scoped using a camera to visualize any potential pipe defects. 

It can also help identify older pipes that may need to be replaced before they break and become a bigger, more complicated problem. While having regular maintenance may seem like an overreaction when things are going smoothly, it really is an essential service to have done at least annually.

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